VR@MIT Demo Night!

Hello friends from VR@MIT! We hope the beginning of the course is going smooth for everyone.

We've finally kicked off our events for the season with a Demo Night hosted at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship on Thursday 22nd of September. It was super fun and full of demos from different 'VR gurus' from MIT. We had food [pizzza!], drinks, super interesting conversations and the best of all: we could try a bunch of different VR headsets available on the market!

We had a couple of Microsoft HoloLens, a bunch of Samsung Gear VR and two HTC Vive. We even had headphones to make the VR experience completely immersive :) 

Some of the demos we could try:

Wanna try them out? Don't miss the next event! We are more than happy to welcome you, have an interesting chat, give you tones of pizzaaaa and let you try the latest technologies in an informal and fun evening!

Anna Fuste, VP Marketing & Judith Amores, Co-President VR@MIT