Our Studio


State of The art studio

VR/AR@MIT runs and manages a community VR/AR studio on campus called the cave. Housed in the Urban Studies building (9), the Cave has the most immersive tools for developers and designers. Our 1100 sq Ft studio is equipped with state-of-the hard hardware.

6 top-end VR Desktops

4 miniature VR Desktops

HTC Vive Pro Headsets

Windows Mixed Reality

Oculus Rift and Quest

Magic Leap


… and More


This lab was designed for the community of VR/AR enthusiasts and developers at MIT. We run workshops, events, classes, and hack sessions in here. If you’re interested in using the space or equipment, reach out to us at virtual-reality@Mit.edu while we still setup a process to book and use the space.

Thanks of the MIT Office of Digital Learning for providing the Space.