Project: The Next 30 Years of VR

We kick off our gallery of VR/AR Projects with this fabulous forecast of VR by MIT engineers. The Next 30 Years of VR is a project developed at MIT Medialab by former research scientist Barmak Heshmat from Camera Culture group. The project consists of an exhibit on 7 dominant trends in the next 30 years of Virtual Reality. The authors developed a visual brainstorming where they present the next 30 years of VR in a set of concept designs.

Barmak developed a handful of sketches. Here you can see some of them. In the first one Barmak envisions the next years of VR headsets [Figure 1]. The second one is focused on phsycology and human behaviour to forecast how the setup for a VR experience will look like in the future [Figure 2]. On the last picture we can see Barmak preseting his work at MIT Medialab's Camera Culture group.


The mastermind:

Barmak Heshmat is a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He leads the ‘inverse problems in light propagation’ subgroup in the Camera Culture group where they develop tools and solutions for imaging beyond conventional limitations of optics using ultrafast optics, nano optics and computational methods. Barmak has given invited talks at five TEDx events, NASA’s cross industry innovation summit, and numerous other venues and academic institutions. Barmak is also the cofounder of the 'Imaginarium of Technology' (iMT) which is a platform for sharing engineering ideas. If you are interested you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.


Anna Fuste, VP Marketing VR@MIT