New Realities


new realities is a first of its kind expo...

VR/AR@MIT aims to showcase the best technology, content, and innovation in virtual and augmented reality at New Realities. We hope to bring together a mix of cutting edge companies, industry giants, designers, engineers, students, and futurists in an opportunity to learn, inspire, and experience one of the most exciting industries we've ever seen. 

AR and VR transform our worlds and let us be more than who we are in our daily lives. We want New Realities to showcase the impact that this industry has and can have on our society. Going beyond just the technology, we want to bring the applications to light in fields across the board. 



Come Experience the New Realities that we are embarking upon

September 10th
1 pm - 6 pm
Johnson Ice Rink, Z-center
120 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139
If you and your company are just as excited about this technology as us, drop us a note at We'd love to have you join us as an exhibitor or sponsor.