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Lecture 5: VR Project showcase

In the first half of lecture 5 we will have a project showcase of 2 VR projects from the Media Lab. 

From 7-8 PM - Misha Sra and Donald Haddad will be presenting their respective Media Lab Projects.

Misha is a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab. She's interested in building VR systems that help make you a better you for example, by enhancing resilience or altering behavior. She's worked at Microsoft Research and on the Hololens. She was also an RWJF Fellow with the Wellbeing Initiative at the Media Lab.

Donald is a graduate student in Media Arts and Science at the Media Lab, working in the Responsive Environment Group led by Prof. Joe Paradiso. 
Interested in: Computer Mediated Reality, Electronic Music Interfaces, Computer Security, Analog Electronics, Video Games, and Artificial life.