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Masque is a virtual reality distribution platform for theatrical content. We aspire to create more accessible, affordable, and immersive theatrical experiences. By transcending space and time, we will unite performers and audiences to build a global community that engages in the next evolution of dramatic art.

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Ovrture is a virtual reality content company that places story first. Launched in 2015, Ovrture works closely with studios, networks, talent and brands to tell their story using the latest virtual reality capture, production, and computer graphics technology. Our mission is to build communities around original, accessible and inclusive VR content, with the belief that diversity of expression is essential to healthy societies.

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Virtuo aims to bring live recorded scenes to fully immersive VR allowing users to walk around in an entirely new environment. We wish to work with content producers and allow film makers to fully bring their audiences into the scene. In this interactive experience, users will experience VR video unlike ever before. 

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Rendevr is creating a suite of virtual simulation tools for use in elderly care and assisted living facilities

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